Skipping through leaves

Thanks to Ellen Kwor for having me create a  one of a kind piece if wall art  for her living room. Skipping through  leaves,  is approximately  31 inches by  31  inches made from  scrap metal, each leaf was  hand  plasma cut and  hand bent. Skipping in leaves  (4) close up of leaves so you can  see the bends. skipping in leaves (4)

Skipping through leaves

I am almost finished with these and I would not be sad if my client did not care for  them as I am  rather fond of this piece of work.

Each leaf was hand cut  and bent so that they would look like real leaves. leaves2leaves3JPGThis is the view from the  front leavesThis is the view from the side. Lighting with the i pad is never true to color but these  look  amazing in person! leaves1JPG

Tis the season: for some extra light

Today was a  wonderful day! I re purposed a  project that I had abandoned a few years ago.  Now I can  call my 10 year old friend Emma and  tell her that I  have a  Christmas tree after all. It looks amazing in person! Home made Chirstmas tree Made out of an old  World War II missile case,  bamboo  from the  backyard and  plastic swirling rods,  tube  lights and  tree lights. see the  short video here.

This little bird went to Clark Elementary

Clark Elementary School located in Downtown Issaquah has an annual winter fundraiser.  This family fun  event includes gingerbread house making and a spaghetti  dinner for about 300 people.  Local merchants and artists donate to the silent auction. If you are interested in contributing to next years event I am happy to put you in touch with the organizer! I am happy this little bird went to school  and  found a new home! fern goes to Auctionn

Deck the halls!




All you need to make this lovely center piece: plastic forks,  scissors,  hot glue,  spray paint and a poster board.   this can also be done with  plastic spoons.

Make a cone out of the poster board, I like to stuff mine with paper to help it keep its shape and to keep it sturdy.  I also  hot glue cardboard on the bottom of the cone to  keep everything stable.

Cut the handles off the  forks.

Starting from the  bottom hot glue forks to the cone. Continue working  your way around the cone  up to the  spray paint finished tree when paint is dry  decorate as you  wish!

For the people who love to paint.  This little fork  Santa is  something I started making in 4th or 5th  grade to  sell at holiday  bazaars to earn money for holiday gifts. fork

soul walking

me_nIt was cold and rainy when I  left the house , my husband  looked at me and said, “Are you  going hiking in this weather?”  My reply was ,”yes I am  and I promise to stay on the trail and be careful.” Anyone who knows me well knows I love adventure and I can  get caught up in the exploration and lose track of where I am  going and what time it is getting to be.

I feel so lucky to live in a place near so many amazing hiking trails that want to  hike  each one in each season! I am by no means fastest hiker in the world but I am slow and steady and enjoy each step . It was about 36 degrees F today and most the trails were clear of snow but there was lots of snow on the trees around me. I love the cool crisp winter air! twinfalls (11)

These photos were taken in North Bend WA. twinfalls 2 (11)twin  falls_ntwin falls a

Black Friday

Free art_oI participated in the free art project today. I took my first  item to the area near our downtown library. I placed it in a spot where it could be safe from the weather. I went to my car to get my  ipad to take a photo of the  item and in less that  30-45  seconds someone came along and picked it up. I continued my adventure  by  heading over to Gilman Street to place my second item. This piece is a  bit heavier than the first. I hope it finds  a good home! black friday14JPG


G2 The Blue Goose

This past September Goose Ridge winery challenged  me to  make a couple geese.  After dropping the first one off my husband challenged me to  come up with something  completely different for Goose 2

Here is Goose 2 which I have named after my friend Denny who also  provided me with  hundreds of forks to use for this project. The head is spoons and the  bottom is an old saw blade cut to  fit. IMG_6114IMG_6116IMG_6115