Mom, Artist, Entrepreneur, Lover of Life and Sunrises!

Finding things that others toss aside, is where the game starts. I love the challenge to use what I find to create something entirely different. For me creating art is about being able to feel free to be spontaneous. However, my  personal favorite  pieces are works  that I have  been commissioned to make. Those opportunities push me as an artist forcing me to meet requirements and to challenge myself.

Evergirl art  works have been sold to patrons in Oregon, Texas, California, Arizona and Washington, VA, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Florida, Canada and the  UK.

Over the  past few years I have created a few different series: Light from War , Faces from Childhood DreamsShovels and Spades, and Runaway Paint Brushes,  Junk Yard Art and recently, Flocks of  Rocks.

 Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton