Before starting my  more  time consuming  projects I  like to  work on some fun and Daisy some what 20140829_181301 (1) simple projects.  Dragon flies,  angels and flowers  made with  cutlery.  Birds made out of shovels, horse shoes sickle mover blades and  tow balls.  Birds are currently  available at Experience Tea on  Front Street in Issaquah.




I love  working in my  work shop!

Idaho made it home!

What a wonderful weekend!  I had a friend fly up from California to  make the  road trip to  Bonners  Ferry  to deliver Idaho.   Our  first stop  was  to  fuel up!








Then we  stopped in to  pick up some tea.




Idaho was  anxious to get to his  new home  so our stops from Issaquah to  Bonners Ferry  were  short and s019weet!

Coral Was  pretty happy to  meet the  newest  Member of her family! She even  gave Idaho  a welcome  kiss!


First kiss

Well it is August  6th and I am still working on finishing touches! I am  getting so  close to  being done.I  am pretty  happy with how he is coming alone so I  had to give Idaho his first kiss!

163In case you  missed the  back story on Idaho: He is the 2nd  wire bird I have  made. The first one I  donated to an  art auction  to  benefit our  local art gallery.  I  started with a  roll of  recycled wire that I bought from a friend’s dad for $20.00 summer and heron 011I might  just have enough to  make one more bird!


a day away!

I am so excited to be getting to  close to  being  finished with Idaho.  My  plan is to  drive him  to Idaho on the 15 of of the month!  Last night I worked in the shop until 10 PM hoping to finish.    But I still have  to clean about  40  wires and  straighten out his leg as the vice has been a  bit  hard on him.  His feet also  need  some work. 20140804_195245 (1)20140804_19513620140804_195125


I am still standing but Idaho passed out!

After work I spent a  total of  6 hours in the shop today , cleaning20140730_193343  wire and welding, grinding , welding and more grinding. If  my shop mate and  not been  tired from a  long day at work I  might still be at the  shop working.  I no longer weld if I am alone. ;-(







Done for today, I’t  time to  take a take a break,  get a bite to  nosh on  and maybe have a beer.





20140730_201917 (1)


Just another  couple hundred wires and this bird will be ready to fly east!





As you can see I out lasted the bird!


Back Home


Back home-7.20.14

This weekend  Peter and I  went to  Prosser Washington.  We had  planned to go to the  fly in  but we just had too much to do. We  did  enjoy the  annual wine gala and art walk and  the company of good friends.

We did manage to  stop off for lunch at the  Horse Heaven HIlls Salon for some fish  tacos and a Dark  cherry  stout, I have  been known to  make the  3  hour  drive over and back  just to  have one dark  cherry stout and yes it is worth the 6  hour dive . Whitstran is also always on my  list of places to  stop for lunch and to  have a  nice cold  beer, The HIghlander is my  favorite beer at the Whitstran it is a scottish ale. .  We only made it to  three wineries this time around  but we did  came home with more wine to  share with  friends!

I was super happy to be able to drop off Rosie to her new home.

This was our seconds time staying at the  Cozy Rose Inn and it was so  delightful. We have already booked our next stay!

There never seems to  be enough time to  see everyone we want to see. So for those of you  we missed  this time we will  see you on the next trip to Prosser. XOXO

Here is a photo of  Rosie in her new home. Rosie _n


Idaho update

idaho3With the  warm weather the  past week  I have only been working in the shop couple hours a night. Idaho is coming along nicely!  I am guessing I have  less than  500  wires to  clean and weld to have him completed.