About this website:

NotesA bit like a journal  but I  include updates, photos  and thoughts and all the other stuff so that the front page stays tidy.

Eventscome out and say hi! This is where I post our monthly receptions

Portfoliocollection of photos of my  work, some in progress, some complete and some taken in their new homes.

Recipes:Show and tell in  kindergarten was  always a  bit stressful for me. I never new  what to  bring to share with the class. My  ant farm was not a hit with the girls in the class  and neither was the small animal skulls and  skeletons I  would find. Needless to  say I  do I love to share which is why I have created a space to share  some  fun yummy  and easy to make recipes that I have  created over the years. I love to cook with friends and family!

 Q/A: information on buying art, commissioned pieces and care for your art.

Videos: moving pictures of a few projects.

SeattleArtLink: These are what I consider my opportunities to  give back. I curate events for artist in a variety of venues. I post the opportunities in the facebook group and hopefully here in the  future.


Mom, Artist, Entrepreneur, Lover of Life and Sunrises!

Finding things that others toss aside is where the game starts. I love the challenge of using what I find to create something entirely different. For me creating art is about being able to feel free to be spontaneous. However, my favorite pieces are works that I have  been commissioned to make. Those opportunities push me as an artist, forcing me to meet requirements and challenge myself.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Thomas Merton